Our Quality

Our products are manufactured to a high standard using authentic Australian and international timbers by workmen with many years experience. Our more exclusive products particularly in Marri and Jarrah timbers are handcrafted from individually selected timber pieces matched to please the eye. All products are made using traditional joints and industrial strength glues and finished to perfection by hand. Our manufacturers utilise premium fittings and continually invest in latest technologies for design and manufacturing.

Timber Species

  • Marri

Marri is a native West Australian hardwood of the Eucalyptus genus also referred to as “West Australian Red Gum”. Marri trees are widely found in the southwest region of WA, often growing to heights of up to 40m. The timber has uniquely distinctive grainy and gum vein features that turns into a golden shade once treated and dried. Products made from Marri contain sensational colour variations and beautiful grains making each piece of furniture unique and therefore exquisite.

  • Jarrah

Jarrah is also a Eucalyptus hardwood timber native to Western Australia although in more abundance than Marri. Jarrah trees are thick, large and tall, often growing in excess of 40m. Jarrah is often used for structural and flooring work due to its strength and its resistance to rot. The reddish-brown color of finished Jarrah furniture makes it an appealing and sought after item.

  • Victorian Ash and Tasmanian Oak

Victorian Ash and Tasmanian Oak are both parts of the same Eucalyptus species with the name distinction coming from the state in which the timber is sourced. Victorian Ash and Tasmanian Oak trees are some of the tallest in the world with heights of over 80m recorded. The timbers are medium weight but very solid and hence desirable for furniture. They feature stingy textures, gum veins and straight grains, making for ideal home furniture.

  • Tasmanian Blackwood

Tasmanian Blackwood is a lightwood of Acacia species found in Tasmania and along the East Australian coastline. The timber is a golden dark brown and features ring patterns and wavy grains, which result in very decorative furniture items.

  • Chestnut

Chestnut belongs to the Fagaceae tree family, which includes oaks and beeches. Chestnut is grown in colder climates in the Northern Hemisphere and sorted into American, Asiatic and European species. The timber is lightweight but durable and features wavy grain patterns in a light golden-yellow shade. Rose Hannah imports furniture in the Chinese chestnut and American Oak varieties of the timber. While Chestnut furniture is very sought after, recent forestry restrictions worldwide have affected the supply and the timber is now more premium priced.

  • Red Grandis

Red Grandis, also known as Rose Gum or “Flooded Gum” is a variety of Eucalyptus found in selected parts of New South Wales and Queensland. The trees are large and tall but the processed timber is a medium strength wood with gum features, smooth grains and curvy veins.

  • South American Ash

South American Ash is a light brown coloured Americana hardwood timber with minimal features and textures. The natural timber is white and dense but often finished in darker coated polish for furniture items.

  • Chinese Mahogany

Chinese Mahogany is a hardwood timber native to Eastern Asia. The timber has slightly dark brown features and simpler grain patterns.